Book Review: Spinning Silver, by Naomi Novik

Spinning Silver was the January choice for my work book club. And while I didn’t finish the novel in time for the meeting, I’m still going to write an evaluation here. Spoilers to come, and my overall verdict is 4/5 stars. Would recommend. Organization We’ll start with quasi-criticism. I wasn’t repulsed by the organization or…

Brené Brown Meets the Sorting Hat Chats

I’ve been thinking about Hogwarts Sortings again recently, for two reasons. One, a little while ago a co-worker clued me in on the Sorting Hat Chats quiz. And two, I’m re-reading Braving the Wilderness as part of my work with Mormon Women for Ethical Government, and one of our discussions centered around our core values.

So today we’re going to talk Hogwarts. Again.

4 YA Romance Tropes That Need to Die Now

I recently read Spin the Dawn, which had some interesting elements but also used some YA romance tropes that I hate. Today I will rail against those tropes. Spoilers for Spin the Dawn to follow. Creepy Power Imbalances Maia, the protagonist for Spin the Dawn, is 18, and she gets with an incredibly powerful enchanter…